About this Course

Overcome the fear of Presentation and Public speaking and be confident to communicate your ideas to any category of audience anytime and place.

Millions of messages are transmitted every second in the world and the ability to communicate these through an effective presentation skill is very important as these messages are components of work and life.

Furthermore, everyone engages in a form of Presentation daily of which can be Formal and Informal. It is important to be understood and understand others; an Excellent Presentation skill helps you achieve this.

This course empowers and provides you with the techniques to deliver an Excellent presentation that is effective irrespective of formats: Oral, Visual, Power Point, Speeches, Sales pitch Training, etc.

You will learn the definition and characteristics of an effective presentation, characteristics of Adult learners, keys to becoming an effective communicator and tips for an effective PowerPoint slides

Practical experience to evaluate your presentation skills would be given by hands on projects.


Learning Formats: Videos
Subject Matters: Presentation Skills