About this course

Get hands-on training from AWS staff to optimize applications on the AWS platform. This course, part of the AWS Developer Professional Series, will focus on what you need to know to help you optimize your applications and optimize how you work in AWS. 

We strongly recommend that you complete Course 1, "Building on AWS" before starting this class. You will look at ways to improve utilization by using containers with the Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS), caching services such as Amazon CloudFront and Amazon ElastiCache, and monitoring tools such as Amazon CloudWatch. 

You will look at serverless architectures using Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon API Gateway and, AWS Lambda. You will explore the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) and learn how to use the AWS Key Management Service (KMS). 

You will finish off the class with a deep dive into AWS CloudFormation and a capstone exercise where you will debug a CloudFormation template.

This course will have a significant hands-on component. Throughout the class, you will perform exercises using the AWS services covered. 

The exercises will utilize the AWS Free Tier to minimize any costs associated with running your application.

Class discussions will provide an opportunity for you to interact with fellow students as well as AWS training staff.


Learning Formats: Videos